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Attaining NADC accreditation is a highly sought after and respected symbol of quality diabetes services.

Undertaking NADC accreditation adds enormous value to the service and provides insights into improvements that can be made.

Your organisation will be contacted via email when you are due for accreditation renewal.

NADC Diabetes Quality Improvement Accreditation

The NADC accreditation for diabetes services is the only accreditation of its kind to offer comprehensive diabetes-specific accreditation aimed at the improvement of quality and safety. The accreditation model is focused on a three-pronged approach combining governance, educational and clinical criteria. The objective of the NADC accreditation is to assist diabetes services to achieve quality patient care through improved governance, service structure, and improved educational and clinical services.

Accreditation is one tool in a range of strategies that can be used to improve safety and quality in a health-based organisation. It is a way of verifying:

  • actions are being taken
  • system data are being used to inform activity
  • improvements are made in safety and quality


The NADC accreditation also aims to lift the standard of service delivered by services across Australia in an effort to meet key goals under the National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020. Namely, practices and procedures resulting in improved care, improved quality of life among people with diabetes, and a reduction in the prevalence of diabetes-related complications.

Applicability of the Standards for Diabetes Services

The NADC Accreditation Standards have been written for Diabetes Services of all models and sizes in Australia. One of the great strengths of diabetes care is its diversity. If your service provides diabetes care, even if it seems to have an unusual or unconventional structure, then these Standards are applicable.

The Standards also apply to primary health care services that are not specifically focused on diabetes care but which nevertheless provide diabetes care to a distinct community (eg. Aboriginal diabetes services, community health services, or mobile clinics caring for homeless people).

Overlap with other standards

Many NADC services are already accredited in their affiliation with a larger hospital, community health service or General Practice. There are deliberate synergies and overlap with existing accreditation systems to ensure a robust accreditation framework.

Who needs to complete NADC accreditation?

The NADC defines a Diabetes Service as an organisation that provides diabetes care in a patient centred, continuing, comprehensive and coordinated manner. The Accreditation Standards are wholly relevant to all services that meet this definition.

Service teams that complete accreditation will have their status updated to say ‘Accredited NADC Service’, which will be promoted on the NADC website, in NADC member lists, maps published on the website, and in the information provided to other health professional organisations. Service teams that choose not to participate in accreditation will not be elevated to accredited status.

Organisations planning to apply for Centre of Excellence (COE) status are required to be accredited as a Tertiary Care Diabetes Service prior to being eligible to apply for COE status.

Accreditation costs

Due to the time, resources and administration costs associated with processing NADC accreditation applications we have introduced a small fee.

NADC Accreditation Application fees (effective 1st July 2020)

$290 for centre of excellence
$195 for tertiary care
$125 for secondary care
$95 for primary care
$335 for pharmacy 

We thank you for your understanding in this matter and look forward to working with you to accredit your diabetes centre

Benefits of Accreditation

At the 2018 Australasian Diabetes Congress we heard about the benefits of accreditation from a primary, secondary and tertiary service as well as a centre of excellence. These presentations can be accessed below:

Want to know more?

Any further questions in regard to the accreditation process can be emailed to:

Tools to help you with your NADC accreditation application:

Please note that our volunteer accreditation committee has a Christmas /New Year break two weeks before Christmas day through to two weeks after New Years Day each year.

All applications submitted during this period will be reviewed after this period.

Register for NADC Accreditation

To register your Services Expression of Interest (EOI) in the NADC Accreditation Program, download the Expression Of Interest (EOI) form.

Once completed, please send the EOI form to the NADC via email at: with the email subject title: “NADC Accreditation EOI *name of service*”


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