Promoting Excellence in Diabetes Care


To all sites who participated in ANDA 2022, many thanks for being a valued contributor to the Australian National Diabetes Audit (ANDA).
We are always trying to improve the experience of ANDA for participating sites.
To help us make these improvements in a systematic manner, we are conducting a new research project that we hope you will consider joining.

ANDA Background

The Australian National Diabetes Audit (ANDA) is a national clinical quality registry.

It is a centralised quality assurance activity aiming to improve the quality of care provided to people with diabetes.

ANDA is coordinated by Monash University in conjunction with the National Association of Diabetes Centres and participating primary, secondary and tertiary care diabetes centres across Australia.

ANDA collects data about people with diabetes treatments, complications, self-care practices and quality of life outcomes. This information is then reported back to the diabetes centres and relevant stakeholders to help determine what factors contribute to and promote better patient care and outcomes. The reports provide a unique opportunity for diabetes centres to benchmark their performance against their peers across Australia and the different segments of the health system. Ultimately it is hoped to be able to benchmark the performance of Australian diabetes centres with international centres.

The Australian National Diabetes Audit is fully funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health; their generous contribution and enthusiastic support for ANDA is a testament to the importance of this nationwide quality assurance activity.