Australasian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit



The ADATS was offered to healthcare professionals for the first time in Australia in 2017, providing an accessible diabetes advancements and technologies meeting.
The event is the result of the commitment of the NADC to improve the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in Australia in the area of diabetes and technology.

ADATS was launched for healthcare professionals in Australia in 2017, to provide an access to the latest information on diabetes advancements and technologies. The event is the result of the commitment by the NADC to improve the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals in Australia. ADATS brings together world leading experts, academics and clinicians with a shared focus and passion in advanced technologies and therapeutics in diabetes.

The 4th ADATS meeting will be a full-day virtual conference open to health care professionals both nationally and internationally and will be relevant to those that work within General Practice, Primary Care, Community Health and Tertiary Care Centres. 

Topics will include a deep dive into how technology saved us and also failed us during COVID-19 and insights into how we faired in the provision of care (and self care) during this experience. ADATS will also explore how the enforced changes to practice will shape care as we step out of the pandemic.

We also will have presentations on Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and how online data collection, monitoring systems, education platforms and other innovative approaches will shape the future of diabetes management.

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ADATS 2020

Friday 28th August 2020

This is a virtual conference so you can join us from anywhere!

ADATS registrants will be provided with a detailed certificate of attendance that can be used as evidence of continuing professional development.