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High Risk Foot Service Standards

nadc Collaborative Interdisciplinary Diabetes High-Risk Foot Service Standards

The mission of the NADC Foot Network is to establish and maintain reduced morbidity and mortality caused by diabetes-related foot disease in people in Australia.  One of the first steps in this process was to establish and then maintain National Standards of care for Interdisciplinary HRFS, providing standards for these services and the health professional working within them, to be guided by. Few countries globally have developed national standards for Interdisciplinary Diabetes HRFS, and it is anticipated that these Standards will help to realise and then to maintain a high level of diabetes HRFS care throughout our nation, aiding equity of access, and underpinning more consistent across-service outcomes in diabetes foot care.

The NADC Collaborative Interdisciplinary Diabetes High Risk Foot Service Standards were launched in August 2018 and received formal input from key national diabetes footcare organisations, through the NADC Foot Network.

In conjunction with the National Standards, the NADC has released the NADC Collaborative Interdisciplinary Diabetes HFRS Accreditation program.  The Accreditation of Interdisciplinary Diabetes HRFS is the only national accreditation of its kind, aimed at the improvement of quality and safety within Interdisciplinary Diabetes HRFS. The accreditation model is focused on a three-pronged approach combining governance, clinical and quality criteria.

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