Promoting Excellence in Diabetes Care


NADC Membership

The National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) is the bridge and the linchpin between primary care services and the hospital, and this model is underpinned by the philosophy of shared care. The NADC is a national collective of Australian Diabetes Centres. Our goal is to ensure that the highest standard of care is delivered to people with diabetes through our member Services.

Renewals for all existing members are due January 1st each year.

If you have not received an invoice, please email us at:

If you are a new member, please complete the relevant membership application form by clicking the link below:

Tertiary, Secondary & Primary Care Diabetes Services

Pharmacy Diabetes Services

Primary Health Networks & Primary Care Partnerships

Membership Categories

The National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) has six levels of membership, based on the function of the centre and staffing. 

Center of Excellence

Tertiary Care

Secondary Care

Primary Care



Membership Benefits

Benefits Tertiary Care Diabetes Service Secondary Care Diabetes Service Primary Care Diabetes Service Pharmacy Diabetes Service Network Member
Certificate of Membership
Eligibility to apply for NADC accreditation
Eligibility to participate in the annual ANDA audits
Provision of individualised ANDA reports including data to facilitate benchmarking of the centre against its peers, and a Certificate of Participation
Eligibility to attend the Best Practice in Diabetes Centres symposium
Access to the NADC Newsletter
Free access to diabetes resources and tools in the ‘member only’ section which includes NADC training packages, video, presentations, webinars and free advertising of positions vacant
Participation in the NADC annual meeting at the ADS/ADEA Australasian Diabetes Congress
NADC will act on behalf of the Service in representations to government to support better diabetes care in Australia
Tips for quality improvement and generating funding
Collaboration and integration with diabetes services across the care spectrum
Staff discounts on registration to NADC events including the Best Practice in Diabetes Centres (BPDC) Symposium and Australian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit (ADATS)
Smaller services will be offered the option of being linked/supported by a larger NADC Diabetes Centres. This will provide support in the terms of advise, protocols and a pathway of referral for complicated patients
Notification and support with completion of ANDA

Membership Fees


Many people have asked to become an individual member of the NADC. The aim of the NADC is to improve the ability of diabetes services, to deliver better health outcomes for all people with, or at risk of diabetes and to promote strategies for the management as well as the prevention of complications.

The NADC believes that this aim cannot be fully achieved by an individual health professional and requires the coordination and collaboration of a multidisciplinary team.

The NADC believe that very rarely does an individual work in a silo – but they are connected with other health professionals. For example, a CDE in private practice may use rooms at a GP practice or receive regular referrals from particular GP’s or endocrinologists. We at the NADC want to encourage the individual seeking NADC membership, to involve those who they regularly connect and collaborate with, to join together and sign up for NADC membership together.

This then allows all health professionals (not just an individual) within the service to have access to the many member benefits that NADC has to offer. It also promotes collaboration and networking and can encourage smoother referral pathways and transition for the person with diabetes.

So what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to take the opportunity to promote diabetes care amongst those that you regularly coordinate care with.

We’ve included resources below, that provide you with the information you may need to encourage others to ‘join forces’ with you to become an NADC member service.