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Diabetes Technology Accreditation

NADC Diabetes Technology Accreditation

The objective of the NADC accreditation is to assist diabetes services to review, reflect and achieve a safe and high quality service providing care to people using diabetes technology. The NADC technology accreditation for diabetes services is the only accreditation of its kind to offer comprehensive diabetes-specific technology accreditation aimed at the improvement of quality and safety.

The NADC technology standards aims to set a benchmark for service delivered by diabetes care centres across Australia.

Applicability of the NADC Standards for Diabetes Services

Many NADC services are already accredited in their affiliation with a larger hospital, community health service or General Practice. We have tried to create deliberate synergies and overlap with existing accreditation systems such as the RACGP Standards for General Practice 5th edition and the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards 2nd edition to avoid duplication of effort in the accreditation process. It is expected that achievement of NADC Technology Standards will support other applications of acreditaton across the health sector.

Continuous quality improvement approach

Quality Improvement is central to all NADC accreditation standards as it is integral for ensuring improved consumer health outcomes through reflective practice, evidence-based care, and best practice clinical care. There are many components to quality improvement including physical structure and process of an organisation, through to governance, leadership, education and training, and clinical care.

Participation in the Australian Diabetes Clinical Quality Registry (ADCQR) is encouraged as part of a service’s quality improvement practice. Further information on ADCQR audits and registering for ADCQR can be found here.

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Legends: Centre of Excellence Core Standards

NADC Diabetes Technology Accreditation Awardees

Lyell McEwin Hospital Diabetes Education Centre

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

Diabetes Technology Accreditation

Areas of Excellence

  • Insulin pump therapy and CGM initiation protocols are excellent
  • Development of a diabetes technology MDT clinic weekly, to support Consumer access and staff upskilling in the use of diabetes technology.
  • Continues to work on ways to improve timeliness of consumer access to the service.
  • Various options for consumers to attend appointments for medical/CDE review in many of the clinics across the week, not just in technology-focused clinics
  •  Well-established multi-site tertiary diabetes service, with evidence of a multidisciplinary team that is adaptive and striving to provide a comprehensive diabetes service to consumers.
  • Comprehensive team and care which will benefit from review of some of site review comments to enhance service quality and safety

Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital

Department of Endocrinology & Diabetes

Diabetes Technology Accreditation

Areas of Excellence

  • Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital is a single tertiary centre with a specialised multidisciplinary team. They demonstrate an excellent consumer focus with all pumps & CGM devices offered. The service has clear pathways to education and referrals to services they offer such as DAFNE and OzDAFNE for MDI and pumps. There is a clear focus on correspondence to consumers and other healthcare professionals which is commended. Telehealth clinics, and pre-op optimisation clinics in particular are innovative and support the clear patient focus. 
  • The hosting of a monthly journal club is a great way to keep up to date with diabetes technology changes. The psychology service tailored to diabetes care is a commendable addition to the service. The assessors also felt that the generic pump start education checklist was very comprehensive.
  • The Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital offers a tertiary multidisciplinary diabetes technology service providing broad consumer access and is focused on patient centered care in the support of diabetes technologies.