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National Association of Diabetes Centres

The National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) is a national collective of organisations that are involved either directly or indirectly in diabetes services and care. The NADC was established to explore mechanisms and implement strategies for improving the standard of care for people with, or at risk of diabetes. NADC member organisations take a leadership role in developing the appropriate networks in their areas in order to achieve this outcome.

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Our vision

To improve the ability of diabetes services to deliver better health outcomes for all people with, or at risk of, diabetes and to promote strategies for the management as well as the prevention of complications.

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Our Goal

To facilitate and promote improved standards of diabetes care through the implementation of evidence-based policies and procedures. The development of national standards and practice of auditing and benchmarking activities are vital to achieving this goal.

Structure of the NADC

The NADC was an organisation established in 1994 by the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) and the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA). The two incorporated professional organisations held joint responsibility of the NADC until June 2014. The ADS now holds sole responsibility for its operations and the NADC is a division of the ADS.


Our Team

Natalie Wischer


Dr Sof Andrikopoulos


Linda Valenzisi

Business & Events Manager

Michaela Watts

High Risk Foot Service Project Officer

Dr. Joel Lasschuit

High Risk Foot Service Database Manager

Georgina Frank

Foot Forward Project Officer

Lei Calma

NADC Admin & Marketing Manager

Marjorie Castro

NADC Admin & Marketing Assistant

Berline Martinez

ADS Admin & Marketing Assistant

Jennifer Nicholas

Diabetes Technology Standards & Accreditation Project Officer

A/Prof Jane Holmes-Walker

NADC Diabetes Technology Working Party Chair

Leanne Mullan

NADC Project Manager & MESAC Officer

NADC Steering Committee Members

Prof Christopher Nolan

ADS Council & NADC Steering Committee Chair

Prof Anthony Rusell

ADS Council & NADC Steering Committee

A/Prof Glynis Ross

NADC Steering Committee

Adj A/Prof Marg McGill

NADC Steering Committee

Dr Louise Maple-Brown

ADS Council & NADC Steering Committee

Michelle Robins

NADC Steering Committee

Dr Elaine Pretorius

NADC Accreditation Committee Chair & NADC Steering Committee

Dr Konrad Kangru

NADC Steering Committee

Prof Sophia Zoungas

ANDA Chairperson & NADC Steering Committee

Louise Maple-Brown

ADS & NADC Steering Committee

Elaine Pretorius

NADC Steering Committee

Konrad Kangru

NADC Steering Committee

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