HRFS Data Collection

Implementing collection of NADC HRFS minimum data into our clinics

Standardising data collection across High Risk Foot Services (HRFS) nationally will open unprecedented opportunity for audit, benchmarking and collaborative research. Several services have identified challenges in meeting Standard 8 (Quality Improvement) of the NADC Collaborative Interdisciplinary Diabetes HRFS Standards.

The originally proposed minimum dataset has been scrutinised and developed into a user-friendly, accessible and free data collection tool by use of REDCapTM. With uptake of this tool across Australia we will be creating a database of international standing. Further, services will have the means to evaluate service efficacy and resource allocation, and to direct service improvement.

Option 1: Development Status

Services can have access to the tool to understand what is involved and to provide feedback to the NADC in regard to its functionality and to ensure there are no obvious flaws. No ethics is involved as no patient information is entered.

Option 2: Production Status

Real patient information is entered and requires ethics approval at organisational level. Although it is expected that there will be no to little change to the tool, services mush acknowledge that there may be some post pilot changes that may result in data loss.

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