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ANDA is an annual diabetes audit open to all services providing diabetes services across Australia, from primary to tertiary care centres.

 The coordination of ANDA is overseen by Associate Professor Sophia Zoungas (at Monash Health/Univeristy) in collaboration with the NADC Secretariat.

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The NADC coordinates the Australian National Diabetes Audit ANDA survey every year.

It is a free quality improvement activity for all NADC members and provides the participating services with a comprehensive individualised report on many aspects of their specific service and benchmarks against like-sized organisations.

There are 2 ANDA audits that alternate each year. The ANDA – AQSMA (Australian Quality Self-Management Audit) is more focused on self-management and diabetes distress and collects data related to diabetes education, self-care practices and quality of life.  The ANDA- AQSMA is the audit that will be run in 2018. To see the pooled ANDA-AQSMA report for 2016, click here. For information about previous ANDA audits, click here.

Every alternate year, the ANDA – AQCA (Australian Quality Clinical Audit) is run. This audit to be run next in 2019, focuses on clinical indicators known to impact on the care of the person with diabetes.

Funding for ANDA is from the Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing.  The coordination of ANDA is overseen by Associate Professor Sophia Zoungas (at Monash Health) in collaboration with the NADC Secretariat.

Both audits offer important quality assurance activities which promote continuous improvement in the standards of service provided by diabetes services.  The success of this activity is dependent on a maximum level of participation by centres.

In 2018, we are keen to have increased participation from Primary Care based services. ANDA may be coordinated by PHN’s, PCP’s or with individual practices. If you are interested in being involved and are from primary care, we would love to hear from you. Please email the CEO, Natalie Wischer at the NADC at

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