Tertiary Care Diabetes Service

NADC Tertiary Care Diabetes Service membership is offered to specialised diabetes services comprising an interdisciplinary team of health professionals dedicated to the provision of education and clinical services for people with diabetes. The serviceneed not be locatedat a single geographical location .
A Tertiary Care Diabetes Service is defined as one that demonstrates the following:
  • Clinical diabetes care in both acute (inpatient) and outpatient settings
  • Specialised care which may be in the form of clinics and services (e.g. insulin pump clinic, paediatric care)
  • Staffing includes a clinical lead, with the support of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including but not limited to endocrinologist(s)/diabetologist(s), endorsed diabetes nurse practitioner(s), credentialled diabetes nurse educator(s), accredited practising dietitian(s), podiatrist(s), psychologist(s)/counsellor(s)/social worker(s)and administrative support
  • Education-based programs for people with diabetes
  • Education and training programs for internal and external health professionals
  • Monitoring the outcomes of their services against health outcomes standards e.g. Australian National Diabetes Audit (ANDA) or other audit program.