Promoting Excellence in Diabetes Care

Secondary Care Diabetes Service

Secondary Care Diabetes Service membership is offered to a service that provides a high standard of diabetes care and education for people with diabetes in an outpatient setting, but without the same level of specialist staffing as a tertiary service. A diabetes service must exist, which is defined as a unit comprising a team of health professionals dedicated to the provision of education and clinical services for people with diabetes. The service need not be located at a single geographical location. A high standard of diabetes education must be delivered, but this may be without a full-time endocrinologist/diabetologist, or the same level of multidisciplinary care as tertiary care diabetes services. An evidenced and defined collaboration/relationship with an endocrinologist/diabetologist is to be established, with clinical and referral advice being provided by the specialist as required.

A Secondary Care Diabetes Service is defined as one that demonstrates the following: