We encourage you to promote the NADC to your broader health professional community. Member centres are actively encouraged and supported to achieve best practice in diabetes care no matter the size of their organisation. From tertiary centres to pharmacy centres, all the way to small rural primary health care centres, NADC plays a vital role in setting standards of diabetes care.

If you would like to share more information about NADC within your organisation or local region, please get in touch via email: and we can provide you with a PowerPoint presentation for your use.

NADC E-Signature

As an NADC member centre, your organisation is able to utilise the appropriate NADC e-signature. Members and accredited services are encouraged to display their status as either an NADC member service or NADC accredited member service by adding the NADC email signatures to their personal e-signatures.

Use of the NADC logo must comply with the NADC Branding and Style Guideline which can be found here.