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Managing Foot Disease in the COVID-19 Crisis

The New Global Challenges

One thing that’s certain is the global COVID-19 situation will demand more and more hospital bed capacity to manage. What we also know is diabetic foot disease is a leading cause of hospital bed occupancy, and that health care professionals working in teams adhering to evidence-based DFD guideline recommendations can significantly reduce hospitalisation. So, it’s vital now more than ever, for the global DFD community to potentially help the COVID-19 situation by keeping as many DFD patients out of hospital beds as possible with effective DFD care.

But what we also know is effective evidence-based DFD care is becoming increasingly challenging for global health care professionals to provide because health systems need more physical resources to manage COVID, with less physical resources then available to manage DFD. And health care professionals are telling us they need advice from DFD experts for practical tips on how to provide evidence-based DFD care in an increasingly changing landscape.

To help tackle this, DFA has joined forces with IWGDF to keep health care professionals informed with handy COVID-19 information specifically related to DFD. So please read on as we outline some of the information now available and resources coming soon, as we all do our local DFD bit to help in this global COVID crisis.


Please visit the Diabetic Foot Australia (DFA) website at for further information and resources on diabetes related foot disease and COVID-19.  

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