NADC assists clinicians to support patients with diabetes during Ramadan

In February 2017 the NADC joined representatives from the ADS and the Diabetes and Ramadan (DaR) International Alliance at the first-ever Diabetes and Ramadan Symposium at Concord Repatriation General Hospital. The event promoted the new IDF-DaR Diabetes and Ramadan Practical Guidelines, which aim to support healthcare professionals to better support patients during this important religious period.

A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded from the IDF website at and presentations from the event can be viewed via the video links below.
Diabetes and Ramadan 2 Case Studies Dr Elif Ekinci


Diabetes and Ramadan Dr Marwan Obaid


Dr Sof Andrikopoulos


Diabetes and Ramadan


Ramadan, Diabetes and Pregnancy Dr Sarah Abdo