Promoting Excellence in Diabetes Care

The McKellar Guidelines

The McKellar Guidelines for Managing Older People with Diabetes in Residential and Other Care Settings (The Guidelines) were published in 2013 and are widely used in various practice settings. All guidelines should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they encompass relevant new evidence/information and remain up-to-date and clinically relevant.

We plan to review The McKellar Guidelines and the accompanying The McKellar Way in the second half of 2020. Part of the review will involve public consultation with people and organisations who use The Guidelines or advocate or care for older people with diabetes and can provide informed comment. 

Under normal circumstances, this process would involve discussion with clinicians in focus groups, however, the circumstances in which we are living at the moment are far from normal. For this reason, our public consultation will take the form of an anonymous online questionnaire that can be administered more broadly.

Accordingly, we invite all those who may have used The McKellar Guidelines or advocate or care for older people with diabetes to participate in a short anonymous online questionnaire about The  Guidelines, the proposed additions to The Guidelines and The McKellar Way. We appreciate and welcome your comments about as many of the questions as possible to help us make decisions about the content of the revised version of The Guidelines and The McKellar Way.