Primary Care Diabetes Service membership is suitable for most Primary Care service. Primary Care Diabetes Service membership is offered to groups of professional healthcare workers who have an active involvement in diabetes care, are committed to the goals and objectives of the NADC and to monitoring the outcomes of their services, but do not have the full complement of services or resources of a Secondary or Tertiary Care Diabetes Service.

  • Each group must consist of a minimum of a Medical Practitioner involved in diabetes care (through participation in care planning, case conferencing etc), and a Credentialled Diabetes Educator or Registered Nurse who has completed the NADC National Diabetes Care Course.

  • Members of the group will generally be associated by geographic region but will not necessarily be located at the same site and may be affiliated with different categories of health services e.g. private practice, hospital, community health.
  • Within the group there must be a co-ordinated approach to diabetes care with inter-disciplinary communication, consultation and cross-referral and the group must hold regular meetings.

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