The NADC Network membership is offered to Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) around Australia. PHNs and PCPs work directly with general practitioners, other primary health care providers, secondary care providers and hospitals, to facilitate improved outcomes for patients. PHNs  and PCPs are committed to providing efficient and effective primary health care, with objectives that align closely with those of the NADC.

There are over 120 NADC member services located within the various PHNs/PCPs around Australia. The following map identifies these services per PHN.

Network Members

  • Members will be associated by the geographic boundary of their particular PHN (there are a total of 31 PHNs across Australia) or PCP
  • Within the group there must be a focus on improving diabetes care
  • Integration and collaboration among primary and secondary care providers must be a focus for the PHN or PCP
  • Communication processes, programs and initiatives involving primary and secondary care must be evident


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