NADC Membership Fees 2019 Are Now Due

We would like to inform you that your membership for the National Association of Diabetes Centres (NADC) 2019 is now due for renewal. The subscription period is from 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019. Membership payments are due by no later than the 31 March 2019.

Please note that the MEMBER SECTION is now only able to be accessed when member fees are up to date. 


Credit/Debit Card via online payment on the NADC Membership database. Please login to the Membership section on the NADC website, the link can be found at or You will be required to enter your member centre’s username and password in order to log in to the member portal site.

Enter your Username
Your password: The password was set by you and not known to the NADC. If you need this to be reset please email:

Once you are logged in, go to View and Pay Invoices and then follow the prompts. Please ensure that you click the checkbox prior to paying.

Could you also go to the My Details section after renewing and confirm/update the contact details we have recorded for you?

We currently have either the VISA or Mastercard facility.

Special note for Visa Credit Card Holders– Some members may be asked to enter their Verified By Visa (VBV) Password and Verified By Visa Personal message when making payment. If your credit card is recognised as a Verified By Visa Enable Credit Card please enter the details as requested. If you have not activated for your Visa Credit Card to recognise the VBV online service then you may be unable to proceed further. If this occurs, please contact the NADC via email at to have your subscription fees processed via the NADC. We do apologise for any inconvenience, however, the Verified By Visa online security service is controlled by Visa and not by ADS/NADC. 

Cheque. If you wish to pay via cheque, ensure that your member code is clearly written on the back of the cheque. Please post your cheque together with your membership invoice to NADC Secretariat, 145 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia and email to advise them of the date the cheque was sent. 

Bank Transfer from your online banking. It is very important that you identify your payment by including your member code in the banking reference field for your membership payment. Please email and advise us of the date of transfer so we can monitor for its arrival. 

Our bank account details to make the EFT payment to is the following:
Account Name: Australian Diabetes Society
BSB: 012-013
Account: 1945-19416

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