• Have you ever wondered why a person has been started on an insulin pump?
  • Have you ever questioned if a clinician has had sufficient training to support someone commencing on a pump once?
  • Have you thought about what would be required to ensure standards in diabetes technology are achieved and maintained?
  • Have you thought that something must be done in this rapidly growing area?

If you answered at least “yes” once, then we want you!

The NADC is opening up Expressions of Interest to join the Technology Accreditation Committee. This group will be formed by a range of key opinion leaders and stakeholders that have expertise in the implementation and management of technology in a diabetes service. This volunteer committee will provide guidance to the NADC in developing standards and criteria that will be used to form an accreditation framework that will ensure that care provided to people commencing and utilising diabetes technology is of a high standard.

To review the Terms of Reference for this committee, please click the following link: NADC Technology Accreditation TOR Final
To complete the Expression of Interest form, please click here

NADC wants to increase their support of Primary Care Services

  • Are you working in a primary care setting?
  • Are you focused on supporting people with diabetes in the community?
  • Have you been a member of the NADC and see value for those working others working in primary care?
  • Do you want to be more involved in NADC and diabetes?
The Primary Care Working Group aims to achieve and coordinate the following:

  • Articulate the Primary Care project aims, scope, key objectives and deliverables
  • Explore the ways in which the NADC can support primary care
  • Develop a project plan to ensure deliverables are met within timeframes
  • Review and update NADC’s primary care focus
  • Review and provide advice regarding primary care for all other NADC projects such as MOC, accreditation and clinical pathways
To review the Terms of Reference for this committee, please click the following link: NADC Primary Care Working Group TOR Final

To complete the Expression of Interest form, please click here



Lobby your local MP for improved diabetes services

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At the annual BPDC meeting in Sydney this year, former MP, Judi Moylan, reminded the forum, that to enact change and funding for diabetes services in our local areas, we needed to lobby our local members of parliament. Judi stated that in her former role, she appreciated hearing about the issues that affected her local area and was keen to assist where she could. She believes we can all facilitate local and national improvements in diabetes care by writing to our local MP’s and highlighting the diabetes issues in our area.

To support our member organisations to lobby for diabetes support, we have provided a letter template that can be completed and sent to your local MP. An instruction guide has also been provided that will step you through the process.

We encourage you to utilise these resources and please let us know how you progress.


Check out all the new diabetes resources!

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One of the great benefits of being an NADC member centre is that you have a “one stop shop” for the latest Diabetes Resources from around the county.

The resources list has just been updated and is incredibly valuable with its links to such documents as the latest guidelines for:

  • Management of diabetes in aged facilities (NDSS)
  • Type 2 diabetes treatment algorithm (ADS)
  • Obesity management algorithm

For further information, please go to the member section and add the member password.

If you don’t know it, email


We Need Your Help – Share your Tools

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One of the outcomes of BPDC 2015 was to develop a repository of shared resources for diabetes centres. To make this a valuable and significant resource for members, we need all centres to participate. This also earns your organisation eligibility towards attending the next Best Practice Diabetes Centres (BPDC) Symposium. Please email PDF versions of the following diabetes specific resources to

  • Policies and Procedures, clinical pathways
  • Auditing tools
  • Position descriptions for diabetes related employment opportunities


Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020

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Click below to open the document:

Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020_Page_01