Making Things Easy for 50 years

Herreen is reshaping the way Custom MGF Footwear and Orthotics are designed, ordered and manufactured. It’s where craftsmanship meets innovation, resulting in easy to use precision technology, producing cost-effective functional products.

Four years ago we started development on our FootScan3D and cadAdjust Software. In November of 2016, this technology won the South Australian Health Innovation Award. The current Footscan3D is utilized in more than 50 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are also located in France, Malaysia, China and soon the Netherlands with one of the largest O&P companies in Europe. Whilst we are the largest provider of custom medical grade footwear in Australia and New Zealand we know there’s lots of work still to do.

We really want to thank our faithful customers who have journeyed with us over the last few years. As with all development projects, things don’t always go to plan but we have worked hard to make things right. Our mission is to make things easy for you and that’s why we have continued to develop new products. Soon to be released is our world first AR Virtual Clinic and In2SOLE Sensor orthotics. Slip on the AR Headset and take a 3D Scan, Thermal, Camera, Video Gait, Alignment, use cadAdjust, have real time meetings and use a new patent pending technology to check foot pressure when walking… ALL IN 1.

Use this information gathered to create our custom In2SOLE Sensor insoles, link this is Rapid Printing and the package is complete. We will continue to advance our products so you can assist your patients with efficient, affordable and effective care. 1st World products at 3rd world prices. Join the growing community of allied health and medical practitioners using HERREEN’s 50 years of industry knowledge and proprietary technologies to give your patients the outcomes they deserve.

Find out more at: https://www.herreen.com