Most diabetes related amputations are preventable

About Foot Forward

Foot Forward is a new program designed to help people with diabetes understand the importance of getting their feet checked. The program also supports training on foot checks and early detection of diabetes related problems.

Many Australians with diabetes miss out on regular diabetes foot checks. They might not be aware of how important they are, or they simply struggle to fit them in to their busy lives.

That’s why Foot Forward has been developed – we want to make easier for people to get their feet checked, and to avoid foot problems that can lead to amputation.

The program

Foot Forward is a new national diabetes foot education program and a once-in-a-generation opportunity to prevent diabetes-related amputations by detecting problems early when they are treatable.

Australia has world-class health care professionals but many Australians with diabetes lose their feet because they don’t realise early enough that diabetes is affecting their feet.

Foot Forward will change that by making it easier for people to have regular diabetes foot checks by trained health care professionals, and to know what to do if a foot ulcer does occur.

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