Interested in applying for NADC HRFS Accreditation?

The NADC Collaborative Interdisciplinary Diabetes High Risk Foot Service Accreditation Program is currently in its pilot phase. Seven High Risk Foot Services throughout Australia are currently completing the accreditation process, with the aim to assess their service and to also provide feedback on the accreditation process. All feedback will be evaluated and the accreditation program updated post the pilot phase and prior to the national release of the accreditation program.

To register your High Risk Foot Services Expression of Interest (EOI) in the NADC Collaborative Interdisciplinary Diabetes HRFS Accreditation program, please click below to access the Expression Of Interest (EOI) form.

Once completed, please send the EOI form to the NADC via email at: with the email subject title: “HRFS Accreditation EOI *name of service*”

We will contact you once the pilot program has concluded and evaluation of the program occurred.

Any further questions in regard to the process can be emailed to: