Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2014

Executive Summary

The Australian National Diabetes Strategy aims to outline Australia’s national response to diabetes and inform how existing limited health care resources can be better coordinated and targeted across all levels of government. This Strategy identifies the most effective and appropriate interventions to reduce the impact of diabetes in the community and lead the way internationally in diabetes prevention, management and research.
Overcoming the many barriers to improving diabetes prevention and care requires a multi-sectoral response led by governments and implemented at the community level. This Strategy provides a framework for collaborative efforts by governments and other parts of the community, including people with diabetes, health care professionals, non-government organisations, researchers, families, carers, communities and industry, to reduce the incidence of, and morbidity and mortality from, diabetes and its associated complications.
This Strategy’s vision is to strengthen all sectors in developing, implementing and evaluating an integrated and coordinated approach for reducing the social, human and economic impact of diabetes in Australia. To achieve this, this Strategy outlines seven high-level goals with potential areas for action and measures of progress.
The goals fall under a number of guiding principles which will help to align and focus effort. These guiding principles will need to be incorporated into the policies and programmes considered for the implementation of this Strategy.
Enabling factors which influence the ability to achieve goals include leadership and governance, workforce, information and research capacity, financing and infrastructure, and partnerships and networks.
This Strategy has been informed by the expert advice of the National Diabetes Strategy Advisory Group and consultations with key stakeholders and the community.
This Strategy was developed in consultation with jurisdictions through representations on the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council and the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council.
Further work is required to develop policy options to implement this Strategy, including metrics to evaluate progress towards achieving the goals. This will build on existing work to enhance current investment in diabetes action and care and focus on high-impact achievable actions underpinned by the best available evidence. Implementation will involve all levels of government, in collaboration with the health sector and relevant organisations.

We encourage stakeholders to look actively for opportunities to develop new and strengthen existing partnerships to develop and support the achievement of this Strategy’s goals.

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Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020

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