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  1. Hi Ms Wischer,

    I noticed that you will be participating in the MDES conference in KL this March.

    We are a private investment company with an interest in healthcare and lifestyle. We currently have an interest in a startup – Cura-Maker which is developing a Metabolic Analytical Platform (“MAP”) using machine learning to assist patients in adopting a preventative approach in managing the onset of diabetes. Combining analysis of patients biochemistry markers and qualitative information of patients lifestyle behaviours and habits, the aim is to provide an indicative range of future blood sugar readings of the patients given their current lifestyle choices.

    Targeting the ASEAN market, starting with Malaysia and Singapore, Cura-Maker is in the process of applying for ISO certification for its MAP and conducting trials in Malaysia and Singapore.

    We welcome the opportunity to share our project with you as well as seek your thoughts on the latest digital development in managing diabetes.

    Kien Wong
    Rooftop Ventures

    1. Hi Kien Wong,
      Thanks for the message. Yes, I will be presenting in KL and happy to discuss your projects. Will you be there or a representative?

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