ANDA 2017

ANDA 2017 Expressions of Interest Now CLOSED

This important quality assurance activity promotes continuous improvement in the standard of service provided by diabetes centres and is the primary quality assurance activity of the NADC. The success of this activity is dependent on a maximum level of participation by centres.

The following is the proposed timetable for the Survey in 2017:

  • Formal Invitation to join now
  • Distribution of Survey Forms in April
  •  Data Collection (for 4 weeks) in May or June
  • Note: The survey can be conducted over 8 weeks [May and June] for centres not able to collect data on more than 30 participants during this period

Further ANDA information can be accessed via the following links:

ANDA AQCA 2017 Final Report

ANDA-AQCA 2017 invitation (NADC)

ANDA-AQCA 2017 invitation letter (NADC)

Guide to completing ANDA-AQCA 2017 Guide to completing ANDA-AQCA 2017


Any questions (especially from Centres that have not previously participated) should be directed to Prof Sophia Zoungas at email

Yours sincerely,

Sophia Zoungas


ANDA Project Lead 2013-2017

Director of Clinical Affairs, NADC


Monash University

Elspeth Lilburn
ANDA Secretariat at NADC

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